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Tassimo: Collect enough Tassimo TDISCS and outer foil packaging to fill up a box as shipments need to weigh  at least 20kg  excluding the box (TDISCS/outer foil packaging,) in order for our account to be credited 1 TerraCycle point for the weight of each unit received. You can send in less than 20kg but we won't receive any TerraCycle points for the shipment.

The McVitie’s® Biscuit Wrapper Brigade

All non-savoury biscuit wrappers – ANY MAKE. Collect approved biscuit wrapper packaging in a box or envelope. Please note, the minimum shipment weight has been removed. So every biscuit wrapper shipment per weight of 2.4g will receive points, so when you have around 5 or more wrappers, request a label and send them in.

Air and Home Care

There is now no minimum shipment size on collections for the Air and Home Care collections.

With the expanded Air and Home Care Brigade, you can now recycle even more of your air and home care products, including air and home care trigger heads, pumps and caps and flexible home cleaning wipes packs, making it even easier for you to collect.

Garnier Personal Care and Beauty Programme

The following types of Garnier personal care and beauty packaging are accepted:

 *A note on aerosol containers

At this time Garnier aerosols are not accepted as part of the recycling programme. We are exploring with TerraCycle the potential for their inclusion in the future

There is no minimum shipment size